Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Goodbye Blogosphere

I know this may not come as shock to many, but we've all suspected this was inevitable. I'm afraid that my job and other wonderful "things" (such as babymaking ... no luck yet but having fun trying) has taken up most of my time and I can no longer spare time for blogging. It has been a fun ride, a great way of venting, putting my perspectives out there, and receiving astounding feedback. In the time since I've been in a non-blogging status, America has seen so many changes on both sides of the scales, negative and positive. Unless you've been living under a rock or exiled on a island for several years and finally made it back home, I don't think I have to really spell it out. In time this entire blog will vanish, literally. It has been suggested that I keep the blog in private mode. I find this useless. Why keep something that was written for public consumption ... private? And why keep something active when it will no longer be attended to? Hence, the slowly dissolving of Ghetto Stupidity. On the bright side, there has been a "lurker" that's been reading my posts and has been sending lots of great email. Of course when he got wind of this he decided to carry on the torch ... so to speak and I've given him access to all my stuff. Short and to the point: Ghetto Stupidity 2.0 ( A silver lining, if you may.

Well, once again ... it has been great. To Flash, AG, Weary Hag, Army of Y, GB (Edie Falco has nothing you sweetie), Jam Donaldson (of Hot Ghetto Mess) and the occassional random visitor that made this blog worthwhile ... thanks for everything and I hope life finds you well where ever you tread upon. So long and happy trails.